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D.P.F Delete

Diesel Particulate Filter is an advanced emission control system inĀ  vehicles with diesel engines. It’s supposed to filter all harmful gases that go thorough the exhaust line after combustion. D.P.F is controlled by the engine E.C.U and when D.P.F is filled up by particulate matter, regeneration is required to clean and to allow smooth running of the engine. When regeneration fail to take place after few stages(which are communicated to the driver through D.P.F warning light and engine light),engine E.C.U will switch to SAFE MODE which will kill engine power and restrict the engine to run up to 2,000 rpm. At this point it will be difficult to drive the vehicle without repairing the D.P.F system.

We delete, force regenerate(Regen)and fix completely failed D.P.F system at an affordable price.