DPF Delete

If your experiencing problems with your DPF and looking for a real solution we can help!

We offer complete Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF/FAP) removal solutions. DPF’s are fitted to most modern diesel cars. They are designed to reduce pollution and can work effectively in the correct conditions i.e. regular highway driving.

However for the majority of drivers they can cause a lot of problem. Short journeys and town driving can result in regenerations being missed, premature blocking of the DPF and can lead to expensive repair bills. Once the DPF is blocked it must be replaced and quite often if the same driving patterns are followed the new filter will block again and the cycle goes on and on costing the vehicle owner thousands of shillings.

We can completely remove the DPF filter and delete the DPF programming from your cars electronic control unit (ECU). Once the DPF Delete has been carried out any related warning lights will disappear and regenerations will cease completely.

Also you will benefit from increase fuel consumption as thirsty regenerations will no longer occur. Less restriction in the exhaust system will improve the overall performance of the engine and of course you will avoid the expense of future DPF repairs.