Car keys are assigned a unique electronic code, using a carbon microchip mounted inside a special glass case, they are not just easily replaced and greater care should be taken to not, drop down careless or lose the key or security chip inside.

A car’s on-board computer recognizes the microchip inside transponder car keys, and without this chip chip, the car will not open nor start, which is the case sometimes when the keys unique code cannot be read. When this happens car key reprogramming is required.Sadly, you may never realize just how important their transponder car key is, until it doesn’t work anymore. Like anything, these keys can become damaged in many ways, water damage and physical damage being the most common, but when your car’s on-board computer fails to recognise your key’s unique code, you will need to have it reprogrammed.






BEAM AUTO  is able to reprogram & or program transponder keys for all major car brands, and can either repair or replace them when needed. For more information about car key reprogramming transponder keys, repairing and replacing broken and worn locks, or the removal of broken keys inside vehicle locks, then please, kindly, contact us now.