ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNITS (repair, service & sales)

Engine Control Unit Problem

If you’re experiencing ECU problems, the experts at BEAM AUTO have a commitment to solve your vehicle’s running system problems.

Check Engine Light

An ECU fault code is prompted when malfunctioning is detected that triggers the check engine light on your dash. Also know as diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), these codes transmit information for the exact malfunctioning issue and where it is located. If it is found that the code is reading faulty, then it may be a failing engine control unit.

ECU Areas of Operation

The ECU is referred to as the brain of your vehicle’s engine. Using digitally stored alphanumeric tables and equations to control ignition, fuel injection and engine ancillaries. An engine control unit incorporates four areas of operation:

  1. Input – The ECU collect information including temperature, on/off signals, pressure signals along with other data collected to make decisions.
  2. Processor – The processor decides the appropriate output specs from the data collected and from your vehicle’s software. The processor also records its own data.
  3. Performs Action – An ECU then applies precise power control for ignition, fuel injector pulse width and opening the electronic throttle body.
  4. Power Management – The ECU controls hundreds of internal components, sensors, and actuators. Its own voltage and thermal management also play a vital role.

Symptoms of ECU Failure

When your ECU is still showing a fault code after components have been replaced and all other issues have been ruled out, then the problem may be with the engine control unit itself. Here are some common problems caused by a malfunctioning ECU:

  • Check engine light stays on after reset or replacing/repairing components
  • Known water or fire damage
  • Engine turns off for no apparent reason
  • Loss of fuel pump or injection pulse
  • Erratic idling or stalling
  • Excessive fuel consumption

ECU Testing and Repair

The testing and repair process at BEAM AUTO will include a scan of the engine control unit’s memory or CPU to detect functionality. We also provide an evaluation for your, including,  BOSCH Motronic ECU or DME circuit board and all electronic components to determine if the module is showing signs of the following damage:

  • Short Fire or Burn Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Acid Corrosion
  • Broken Pins or Tracks
  • Cold Joints