We install and repair ACTIVE  alarm systems and PASSIVE alarm systems for all vehicle models. PASSIVE alarms automatically enter an armed state after the ignition is turned off and the last door is closed.

An ACTIVE alarm must be activated by the driver. Types of ACTIVE alarms are Auto watch, Venom, Bemaz, Prestige etc.

The ACTIVE car alarm features include;

Active Re-arm: After the alarm has been disarmed the system will automatically re-arm after a specified amount of time if a door is not opened. This is to prevent accidental disarming by the remote transmitter.
Air Horns and Sirens: These are used on the interior or exterior to call more attention and cause pain to the thief if he makes it into the interior of the vehicle.

Anti-Code Grabbing: A method employed to change the alarm code with every arm/disarm. The purpose of which is to defeat code grabbing equipment that can capture and resend your code to disarm the alarm at the thief’s leisure.

Arm: The act of turning the alarm to an active state.

Brain: The main box of the alarm that controls all of the sensors and connected equipment.

Carjack Protection: A feature that, when activated, will cause the engine to turn off and the siren to blare. Used when a vehicle is taken forcefully from the owner.

Disarm: The act of turning the alarm to an inactive state.

Dome Light Illumination: A feature that will turn on the vehicle’s dome light when the alarm is disarmed.

Door Lock/Unlock: A feature that allows the power locks on a vehicle to be operated by the alarm.

Emergency Disarm Switch: A hidden switch used to disarm the alarm in case of an emergency.

Flashing Lights: When an alarm is triggered, the lights or parking lights will flash. Also when the car is armed or disarmed the lights will flash one or more times for confirmation.

Ignition/Starter Kill: A feature that disconnects the ignition/starter when the alarm is armed.

Key-in Features: Any number of features that activate when the key is put into the ignition of the vehicle.

LED: Standing for light emitting diode, it is a small light emitting device that is placed in the interior of a vehicle to warn thieves of the alarm’s presence.

Remote Start: The ability of an alarm to start a vehicle from a remote distance.

Siren: The device on a car alarm that is heard when the alarm is triggered. These are usually mounted in the engine compartment

Tracking: Some alarms have a built in device that allows the vehicle to be tracked should it ever be stolen.

Window Roll-up Module: A unit that will roll the power windows up on a vehicle when the alarm is armed.


PASSIVE alarm systems

PASSIVE alarm activates itself automatically after removing key from the ignition switch and locking the doors. PASSIVE alarm are integrated in vehicle primary or secondary ignition systems by the manufacture and some of the features relates to those of ACTIVE alarm. We repair and configure PASSIVE alarm systems.